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Friday, September 17, 2010

Faucet Tips for Modern Bathroom Sinks

Are you in the market for a bathroom vanity set?  Manufacturers and suppliers offer a large array of selections on modern vanities.  What most people do not realize when shopping is that the faucets can be changed out pretty easily.  You may be in love with one or more modern bathroom sinks but do not make a final purchase because you do not hold the same affection for the attached faucet.  Here are some faucet buying tips to supplement your modern vanities purchase.

The concept of faucets is fairly simple – there is function and form.  As far as wrapping your head around function, an engineering degree is not required; all faucets and associated pipes follow the same design more or less.  In relation to form and variety, your choices are limitless.  The question warranting an answer is: What style is right for you?

Modern bathroom sinks usually host faucets made of brass, yet there are high numbers of other choices such as chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, antique copper, etc.  Some of the newer surfaces are highly durable and extremely easy to maintain.

Most people attempt to match their faucets with the design of their modern vanities, but this is not a necessity; the faucet will still function in the same efficient manner, so it is important to select something you truly like.

Center-set faucets feature a valve and spout all in one unit.  Dual handle faucets feature separate hot and cold knobs along with the spout. Single lever faucets have one knob, which can be manipulated left or right for hot or cold water.

Widespread faucets have separate mountings for a hot water valve, a cold water valve, and stem.  Widespread faucets were commonly found in older homes, yet have become increasingly more popular with modern bathroom sinks as well.

Waterfall or vessel faucets feature a wide stem that creates a waterfall effect.  These are very trendy and sought after in relation to modern vanities.  They usually feature unique designs and uncommon materials such as glass or ceramics.  Many modern bathroom sinks feature waterfall faucets, yet remember that it is your sink and you decide what looks best!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tile Styles

Bathrooms are one of the first rooms to get redone in a household. It is a necessary room that cannot be overlooked. When redoing a bathroom, there are many things to look into buying. You have to know what you want your layout to be, what your color scheme will be and what bathroom furniture you want. All of these things play a large part in the overall outcome of your bathroom. One product that is growing in popularity, with not only bathrooms but kitchens as well, is tile.

There are so many different styles of tile that you could have any look to your bathroom that you wanted. One of the styles of tile is glass. There is blended glass, glass and stone, clear glass, bubble glass, frosted glass, waterfall glass and much more. It all really depends on preference however, with all of these choices, you can’t go wrong. There is also copper tile too which is great if you are going for a rustic or old look for your room.

When remodeling a room, make sure to plan out everything before you start. There are many options when trying to make your home or the rooms in it better than they were. If tile strikes your fancy, check out Discount Bathroom Vanities’ collection of tile and other items for your kitchen or bathroom.

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